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Website SEO Tip - Keyword Page Titles

Use your website's keywords in your page titles.

Proper page titles can really make a difference

Case Study

Let's say your business is called "Jim's Mowers". If the title of your website's home page is "Home Page", or even "Jim's Mower's", you're missing out on a huge opportunity. An opportunity to tell the search engines what your web site is all about.

It's ok (and recommended) to have your business name in your page title, but I would never recommend ONLY having your business name in your page title. Search engines, like Google, "read" your website from top to bottom, and the <title> tag is more than likely one of the first things Google will look at to assess your content.

Page-Specific Page Titles

Let's take this one step further and look at web pages beyond your homepage. Using Jim's Mowers again, It would be a good idea for Jim to have a page built specifically for each aspect of his mower business.

For example, if Jim does mower repair, his page that is dedicated to repair should have page title that is all about mower repair, and that mirrors the content on the page. This would give him an opportunity to hone in on specific lawn mower brands, repair techniques, etc.

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