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Website SEO Tip - Search Engine Friendly Navigation

Use CSS to enhance the look of your website navigation. Flash, JavaScript and image-based navigation could be a dead-end for the ever-important search engines, like Google.

Beautiful & Functional Navigation

Navigation Links: Form & Function

It is important to have good looking and interactive navigation, but sacraficing function for design is never a good idea. With all of the options CSS offers to designers and developers, there is no excuse for poorly-built navigation.

Why are image-based navigation links frowned upon? Even though the spiders may be able to "crawl" your website through image links, remember that the spiders can not see what your graphic/image is all about, so you are missing a huge opportunity for an internal keyword link.

How do I Know if My Website's Navigation is Incorrect?

There's an easy way to test your website's navigation. Just go to your website and see if you can highlight your navigation with your cursor. If you can "Copy and Paste" one of your navigation links into a Word or text document, chances are your navigation is indexable. As always, there are exceptions. For a free website evaluation, contact us.

Indexable CSS Navigation & Flyout Menus

A great deal of the flyout menus that use CSS to function also use JavaScript, is that ok? If your navigation is coded using the ordered list (ol) or unordered list format (ul), chances are the search engines will have no problem crawling around your website. Any rollovers, scripts and/or image effects are more than likely done independant of the links.

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